Founded in 2014, with offices in Padova, Italy and Pasadena, CA, D-EYE Srl offers a “digital eye” into the state of the human body. The company combines revolutionary technology with the precision of traditional medical practices to produce devices dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of vital health examinations.

The company’s first product, deemed the “digital ophthalmoscope,” was developed in part with a grant from the Fondazione Cottino and with support from the University of Brescia (Italy). The revolutionary D-EYE smartphone-based retinal imaging system is capable of identifying a multitude of medical conditions and pathologies, including the estimation of the vertical cup-to-disc ratio (VCDR), detection of abnormal ocular fundus findings, and more.

D-EYE also develops and operates cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) systems that enable telehealth applications. The company’s ImageVault™ allows for the secure storage of a formal D-EYEgenerated patient record of images and videos to provide insight into individual conditions as well as trends across patient populations.

D-EYE’s certifications include: FDA Class II 510(k) exempt 2014 – audited February 2016; CE Class I Registered Device 2014; ISO 13485:2012 – Medical Devices – Quality Management Systems; ISO 13485:2002 – Canada – EN ISO 15004-1 2009 -EN ISO 10940-2009 Ophthalmic Instruments.